Cops came up to my house today and they told me my dog was chasing someone on a bike and i told them that it was impossible, my dog don't own a bike ;D Sometimes what you say hurts me, Sometimes you make me mad,Sometimes you make me cry, but u always drive me CRAZY! and everyday you remind me why i love you! <3 Women Quotes: Love Sayings She Is Strong, Not That Why? All Women Need to Hear best Fathers Day Quotes Never Let Me Go, That’s My Dad – Good Quotes About Dads Best Fathers Day Quotes Dad I miss You So Much – Good When I first Talked to you I didn't know what 2 say,The day you asked for my number i couldn't stop smiling, the day you asked me out i knew u were the one 4 me


Hi im Sandra the owner of this site.
im from Prince Edward Island Canada...im a hockey nut and my favorite sports team is the boston bruins.and favorite player is adam mcquaid of course


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